Speeds up hair growth cycle and encourages new hair growth. Thickens sparse hair growth.

Slows down hair that is falling out. Stimulates hair follicles that have some activity left.

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One of the main benefits of platelet-rich plasma hair treatment is that the solution used is made up of your blood cells and plasma. Unlike with other treatments, this means there’s no risk of allergy or reaction. PRP also has the benefit of minimal side effects, which is a concern with other types of hair loss treatment for many people. 
Medication for male pattern baldness could increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. At the same time, for women, alternative treatments such as minoxidil can cause potential side effects such as facial hair growth and low blood pressure.

PRP hair treatment is a minimally invasive and low-risk treatment requiring no pharmaceutical products or downtime, making it the preferred choice for many people experiencing hair loss.


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